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machy 29 Nov 2009 16:29

KLR650 in Lima
can you recommend any place? I was looking for threads about Lima, but they are old and do not tell much about Kawasaki shop.

machy 12 Dec 2009 01:55

So if you need parts for your KLR650, try at:
Crosland Repuestos - previously known at the forum as Crosland Technica
Av. Argentina 3250, Callao, Lima, Peru
Crosland Tecnica S.A.

However, they sell only parts. If you need a mechanic, go to Carlos Perea. He does not speak English but has terrific communication skills. He will understand in a second what you need and do his best to fix it. In my case, because importing parts from the US would take 3 weeks, he used other parts that he adjusted to be exactly the same as original.

One disadvantage: do not expect the work will be on time (which does not mean long). Take your time.

Here is the contact:
Carlos Perea Chavez
Servicio de motocicletas Perea
Manuel Segura 667 - 669 Lince, Lima, Peru
Telf. 471-5043
Celular: 9996-5411
Nextel: 400*7459



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