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cjgrimm_kiwi_rider 27 Jun 2010 17:58

Gonna Doohickey in Lima - Advice Please
Hola HU Community!

I am riding a KLR 650 around Sth Am, currently in Bolivia headed north, and thought I should probably go ahead and do that preventative-maintenance-thing and get the doohickey done.

Can anyone recommend either a Kawasaki dealership in Lima, or another reputable moto-mechanic in Lima or somewhere else north of there, who would be able to do the job?

I've put a post asking the same thing on: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...-in-peru-32967 as Jeff Akins sounds like he had similar work done in Lima.

Will I need to get the after-market doohickey shipped down from the US myself, or will these dealerships/mechanics be able to source the parts/springs/potentially necessary replacement gaskets????

Cheers, any and all advice much appreciated!

Kiwi rider.

GastonUSAChilePeru 1 Aug 2010 17:31

Ricardo at Moto Peru in Lima, Paraguay Street close to East of Miraflores area.

He fix and service KLRs . Already serviced a few travellers.

Mickey D 1 Aug 2010 18:43

The Doo-Hickey is a specific part made by a couple independent mechanics.
Not a Kawasaki part.

Go to KLR.net to find URL for these fabricators. I think one guy is Eagle Mike in San Diego? (please correct me if I'm wrong) He has experience shipping to S. America. Its just a few little bits and a new spring, should make it down OK. You can also get step by step instructions for the install. Well worth it, could save your motor.

Many Doo-Hickeys seem to break at "around" 20 to 25K miles. (30 to 40K kms) Good luck with this, safe travels!

Be very careful about letting someone who "thinks" they know what the problem is. This is a very specific deal and easy for the uneducated amateur to screw it up.
The more YOU know about it, the better.

cjgrimm_kiwi_rider 28 Aug 2010 00:48

Thanks for the advice; Got it changed!
Hola HU Community,

Thanks to all those who've posted advice, incl Mickey D, about the doohickey change issue. I got mine changed in Quito, Ecuador (details posted elsewhere on the HUBB). When I got the old doohickey out it was cracked in two places and came apart in my hand later as I was taking photos of it! Yeah, good timing.

This KLR has done about 25,000 miles (if you believe the previous owners! Probably a few more....). Great to get 'er done. See you on the road.

'Round Sth Am trip

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