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robnkate 26 Jun 2004 00:22

Excellent bike shop in Salta.
We have just been through Salta, Argentina and had a our forks serviced, values checked, carb checked and primed for altitude (including stripping and rebuild lessons for me!)in a shop called Motomax. The guys in there were fantastic. The bike was done in 24 hours and the bike is now running much better.
Highly recommended. Its On San Luis 951, tel number (0387)431 4770

pierresas 8 Sep 2004 13:33

We went to the Motomax in Jujuy which was recommended all over the region too. They┬┤re good but ask for the prices first.

Pierre Saslawsky

The Big J 7 Aug 2007 22:11

I went to Motomax in Salta who were good for servce but did not have fork seals.

Around the corner (same block) is a warehouse called La Caldera with an excellent range of generic parts, eg brake pads, fluids etc.

Off to find a good mechanic.

Sigrid and Andi 23 Oct 2008 21:44

even better mechanic for big bikes
We just had serviced our KLRs in Salta. MotoMax said: "adjusting the valves is very complicate and you will not find shims". So we went to a mechanic,who a rider of a Transalp recomended us. Guillermo(San Juan 1522, Tel.: 154096780) was the perfect guy for us. He knows the KLR very well and had a many different shims in his shop. The ones which he didnt have, he made from car-shims.
He also knows the Hondas very well.
Made a good job and cheap!

Baja 22 Jan 2011 01:46

salta repair shop
OK, I just replaced a damage piston on my KTM LC4 adventure ( due to bad gas in the area ).

I got great help from this shop in Salta, Argentina:

Dr. Bikes DiBez.

It is owned by 2 brothers ( Luis and Daniel DiBez ). They mostly work on sportsbikes, however they have great mecanical knowledge of everything motorcycle. They also provided me with some room in their shop to prep the bike for engine removal, and helped me in other manners ( finding parts... etc ) . Here are their co-ord.

Dr. Bikes DiBez
Gorriti 393
Salta capital
tel: 0387 4216 387

e mail: drbikesdibez@hotmail.com
site: Bienvenidos - Dr. Bikes Di Bez
facebook: drbikesdibez

Iasonas 17 Jul 2011 22:04

Dr Bike Salta Mechanic
Another recommendation for Dr bike. Very helpful and friendly mechanics.
Re-jetted and cleaned my TT600R for altitude.The carb hasnt got the easiest removal,they were able to do it the same day.

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