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BruceP 9 Nov 2012 00:05

Chile, Santiago - Very helpful Mechanic
Marco Soto, https://www.facebook.com/mrmotos.sotovergara

735 Carmen (actually turn right into the side street and his workshop is around the back)

I met Marco via CouchSurfing while looking for somewhere to store the bike next year.

He has been *extremely* helpful in preparing the bike (a Chilean registered Funduro 650) and sorting out a problem with a another mechanic not having done some work properly.

He also took me in hand and made a list of tools etc I should have, then walked me around the shops on Lima and got a discount.

He speak no English, and myself very little Spanish. But with the aid of his Turkish friend (Omar) we communicated the import stuff (like price ;-) )

Marco is *highly* recommended.

marco_25 13 Nov 2012 05:29

muchas gracias por tu referencia
soy nuevo en esta pagina, y por lo que bruce me dijo son muchos los motociclistas que viajan, yo quiero hacer lo mismo en marzo del 2013 y para que sepan haci como ayude a bruce les puedo ayudar, tengo un taller en santiago centro y soy mecanico de motos multimarca, veo todo tipo de motocicletas, busquen en facebook como mrmotos soto vergara,..

saludos a todos!

BruceP 16 Dec 2012 13:17

La moto está todavía funciona :-)

TobiasdeGraaf 19 Apr 2013 22:43

I agree with BruceP, Marco is so helpful!! Me and my girlfriend arrived in Santiago with a Transalp with startproblems (we had to push it for a few days to start it). Even though a language barrier exists, Marco was very patient with us as new motortravellers and helped us find the problem(s). In addition, he recommended certain other adjustments to us; because we are new with motordriving and travelling by motor, we had a hard time deciding which recommendations should indeed be done (second opinion via the old owner and HUBB community were very helpful) and what could fit in our budget. Luckily, Marco is reasonable, his garage is good-value and he accompanies you to shops to buy other parts with his discount :)

So, in short, when in motortroubles in and around Santiago, Marco is - again - highly recommended! Thanks bud! :thumbup1:

mahsita 16 Feb 2014 19:29

Hacer soporte de maletas para una Yamaha XT660R de 2006
Hola Marco,

Quería saber si tú podrías hacer un soporte a medida para las maletas de mi Yamaha o si conoces a alguien que lo podría hacer. Tengo las maletas pero necesito un soporte URGENTEMENTE.

Muchas gracias

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