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furious 15 Sep 2008 07:50

Spare parts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
I found a shop in Bishkek where you can find many spare parts you don't expect to find in central Asia, like Motul engine oil, Continental TKC 80 tires even in 21'' size, Uvex helmets, Axo knee guards, gloves, hand guards, windscreens, mirrors and many more! Although, if you are planning your trip, don't rely on the availability of those products. If you want to buy the tires, be sure he will have them when you will arrive in Bishkek.

It is in Kudaibergen rinak (market). It's a mass of containers which have turned to shops. It's the shop number 29E. The man is called Dima and you can call him on 00996 312 543 91 58 19 but he speaks only Russian. Almost every motorcyclist in the city (there are not many!) knows him as "Dima biker".

You must ride along Chuy prospektisi (avenue) towards west. If you start from the center of the city, that means you will pass in front of Osh bazaar on your left. You must continue west on Chuy and after 2-3 kms you must turn right. Ask around about Kudaibergen to find the turn.

Hope it helps!

Nath 12 Nov 2009 11:07

I went to this shop a few months ago (summer 2009) with a couple of other guys. It still in the same place and he have quite a good stock.

A taxi from Soviet street cost 150 som.

cbobr 3 Sep 2011 15:05

Hi, I found this shop in August 2011 thanks to the info of the posters above.
The GPS mark I have is
N 42o 52' 55.4"
E 74o 31' 24.7"
You can ride your bike next to the shop from the Northern entrance of the market to avoid the tricky parking (the local bikers were doing this).

Dimitri also put me on to a great workshop that knew bikes (they built up and reground my cam)
The GPS mark I have for this is:
N 42o 54' 36.4"
E 74o 33' 58.8"
It is in the village of Maevka. Travel North from Chuj Prospect on Mahatma Ghandi Bulavard until you get to the Maevka sign (it may be hidden by a bus). Turn left immediately at this sign and continue to No.22.

Unfortunately my Russian consists of about 10 words, but both these places were very helpful despite no common language.

jparke 4 Sep 2012 13:17

More Bishkek biker info
This thread was very helpful to me as I had fuel pump issues on my 2009 BMW F800GS in Kyrgyzstan. I was able to find an auto parts store that had what seems to be a suitable replacement from Bosch and also another biker recommended a mechanic that could help install in his yard and with his tools. Here's the info:

EVI Autocenter (had Bosch fuel pump)
Corner of Lev Tolstoy St. and Asanaliev St.

"Dima Biker" (had recommendations on fuel filter jury rig)
One container of many in the Kudaybergen Auto Bazaar (pronounced Kudaibergen Afto Bazaar)

"Alexi Biker" (and Constantine, have yard, tools, and mechanical skill)
212 Saratovskaya St.

You can find other details on this ADV thread.

Thank you.

SuperBC 12 Jun 2014 11:19

Just an update, the place is still there in the container. Has moved to 25. Has a really good stock of bitsnand gear, helmets armour. Alpinestars, fox. Had tyres there in 18 & 21.
Dimma wasn't there but his wife was and very freindly and helpfull. A real hands on lady she knew her bike parts. And left me in charge of the shop for 5 mins while she showed my freind a welding place.
Location as per the gps points above which take you to the entrance to market then a quick walk about and you will find 25. There are a few other places stocking bike bits too.

Thanks for the original listing of this place it helped us alot

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