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luckro 3 Nov 2011 14:52

Pakistan, Rawalpindi - a fine mechanic
This is a cut and paste from an update I've just posted on riding through Pakistan. Cheers, Bob

The Pindi-based mechanic recommended on the HUBB by a handful of motorcyclists back in 2002 is still operating his workshop – Mr Malik Mohammad Bashir (workshop no. 051-550-7642, M: 0333-513-9455). He’s located about 0.5 km down Tipu Rd once you turn right off from the Muree Road heading north out of Pindi (the main road connecting Pindi with Islamabad). Just 5 minutes ride from Sadar Bazaar, central Pindi. It’s on the right under a big Honda sign: not the one on the left a couple of hundred meters before. If you struggle to find it, just ask - he is well known.

The earlier HUBB comments stated he was the best and most experienced motorbike mechanic in Pindi, having worked several years in Japan on big bikes, which are his speciality. I’m sure this must be true: I found him excellent. International standards at local prices – on the Sub-continent, this is a needle in a haystack. He helped me clean and re-greese the steering-head bearing, re-adjust the rear swing-arm and greese the bearing, address a pulled thread on the engine block, and fix an electrical fault with the horn. Nothing major needed to be done to the engine internals, but I would trust him. Malik Mohammad reminded me of an old-school BMW Airhead mechanic I used in Adana, Turkey, last year: steady, methodical, no rush, extremely competent, cleans your bike as he goes along which shows pride in work. And he is very reasonable (e.g. < $20 for 4hrs work). I checked another workshop down the road which service big speed bikes and they quoted a distinctly foreigner’s price (10 times higher than Malik Mohammad first quote, 5 times higher second). Pleasant enough fellas, but I preferred Malik Mohammad.

So, this is a great opportunity to get experienced help doing overdue and important work done to your bike, especially after so much shaking through the Stans. He’ll let you work with him: organised workshop with all the gear. Any special parts you might require can be sent by DHL to Pindi within 5 days or so (they have offices in all the keys cities here).

Margus 19 Apr 2012 11:30

Good to hear others having nice experience with him too :thumbup1:

Can you also copy it to South-Asia MC Repair sub-forum? I reckon it belongs there.

Malik's a very fine mechanic indeed. Humble and dignified guy.

As said, he doesn't rush through things like most asian mechanics tend to - thinking and analysing before doing something - that's hard to find attitude among Pakistani/Indian mechs and it's a two thumbs up from us - he bent our frame back straight without damaging anything and did other minor repair jobs after a bus crashed into us on KKH.

His Honda workshop GPS coord's should be: N33 36.233 E73 04.615

You'll recognize the man:


And his kept clean and organized workshop:


Safe roads,

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