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PeteSC 29 Dec 2003 01:34

Columbus OHIO/USA Tires
The 'Iron Pony' shop is a very large Accessory shop, located in a large shopping area.
They sell a large variety of tires at prices cheaper than your average bike shop.
They will mount tires as you wait, as long as the wheels are removed from the bike.
The do have a very large array of aftermarket stuff for bikes, also, at good prices.
I've been in the store, and was amazed at the amount of bike stuff for sale, at somewhat discounted prices...but usually cheaper than most bike shops.
They have an ONLINE, and mail order catalog presence, also,but DO NOT honor the same prices in the actual store. (Will be a little higher)
I found out last summer when handed a catalog at a racetrack. I noticed some good prices...stopped by the store to do some shopping. I found a helmet I wanted to buy (on sale in the catalog), and they refused to sell it at that price in person at the store! The 'store' price was 20% higher.
(Could have walked outside to a payphone and ordered one ....but wanted to wear the helmet on the 700 mile trip home!)
I somewhat understand the logic, but this was a minor annoyance!

I have friends that live within 75 miles of the store, and buy tires there, so I feel it's worthwhile to pass the information on!
I've heard too many stories of $200 rear tires from unknown shops from riding buddies along way from home, and in a pinch!

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