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karter257 31 Dec 2007 14:23

UAE: Sharjah: Machining shop
Backstreet shop doing machining, lathing, threading etc. Stopped their work and did my work instantly (and well) and for no charge - recommended

Burma Engineering Turning (ask for Shahzada Fiaz)
PO Box 29656
Caterpillar Road
Tel 06-5422402

N 25'18.754
E 55'24.513

And just round the corner is a good bearing supplier:

Obaid Abayed
PO Box 33857
Near Abu Dhabi Comm Bank
Industrial Area no.2

email mzahds@hotmail.com
Tel 0097 16 5430943

Martynbiker 31 Dec 2007 14:36

c'mon. tell more!
any pics? this is worth a story in itself!

come on tell us more!:thumbup1:


karter257 31 Dec 2007 14:46

It was not so exciting (I'm glad to say!)

My Images - /20071230 - ISAAC 3

Wheel bearing were shot following all the speed bumps in Iran!

Just had some threads run into the bars that support my external tanks so I can add a magic mushroom - since everyone seems so concerned about what happens if I drop the bike and the tanks have got fuel in them! (will update: My Images - /bike - ISAAC 3 when I get the mushrooms fitted)

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