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A.B. 28 Mar 2002 04:06

Cairo, Egypt.
Not a shop, but rather a closed 2-car garage in Cairo. If you need space to work on your bike/car while passing through Egypt then email me. The garage is moderately equipped as a small workshop. This is where I work on my Jeep and currently rebuilding my Tenere.


jeromelits 18 Dec 2009 17:54

I am in cairo and looking for Oil
I am in cairo and I need oil for my Honda transalp, as you have a kind of garage, maybe you know where can I find oil for motorbike,,,because I can not use car oil for the transalp as the clutch is in the oil!
thanks in advance

onlyMark 18 Dec 2009 19:34

There is a motorbike repairer in Cairo. He'll probably have oil for you. He is well known by overlanders.

The workshop is in an alley off Le Corniche (north bound) on the right just after Mercedes Benz. (GPS: N30deg01,289 E31deg13,825). Arriving from Suez, take the ring road south. Immediately before the Nile take the junction north onto the El-Corniche. Follow this for a while and over a steel bridge. At the other end of the bridge you will see a mercedes benz dealer and a little further a VW dealer on the right. Just after this and immediately before the road sign to the Citadel there is a small alleyway to the right. Anwar's workshop is just down this alleyway. Opens from 12:00pm

From the roundabout in front of the museum and hilton, head southwest. You will intersect after a couple of blocks with the Corniche -RIVER FRONT ROAD- and the Shepard Hotel will be on your left. Drive south along the Cornish for about five minutes, passing the Four Seasons until you get to a fair sized roundabout. You will know this is the correct roundabout as there is a large wall remaining fromn ancient times and this road has signs that say -CITADEL-. The bike shop is located behind the south east corner but you have to access from the other side of the road. To do so, dirve straight for a couple of minutes and stay in the right hand lane. You will see the road ride up into an overpass but stay right and loop back underneath to u-turn. As you come back north, you will pass a vw dealer and a mercedes dealer. Just before the right hand turn at the rounabout, there is a sign that says -CITADEL. The alley way to his shop is immediately under this sign.
His name is - Mohammed Anwar
Mobile: 010 145 4849

Miquel-Silvestre 1 Dec 2010 17:00

I got mechanic aid from Asharaf, official dealer of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki

42 Wadi El Nile St



Tfn: 012 2152722

Good guy, 30 years in bussiness

Rides a Goldwing

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