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fredsuleman 9 Aug 2011 17:03

Eger, Hungary--Shop and mechaic.
So, there we were in the pouring rain with a bike problem which turned out to not be a problem, only pilot error and stupidity--oops. Anyway we stopped a local biker who did speak English and he said he knew the best mechanic in town.

Good people are everywhere. On a Sunday afternoon he told us to wait and he would return in his car with the mechanic. Fifteen minutes later he came back as promised. Mr mechanic, who also speaks English, sorted out the pilot error problem in no time. They then led us to a coffee shop next to his moto shop where we enjoyed a cappuccino with them, their wives and another friend and swapped stories. They then booked us in to a very reasonable guesthouse around the corner from the shop and only 10 minutes walking time from the old center of town. WOW--could life be any better.:D

Next day we returned to the shop for an oil change and then spent another day playing tourist in Eger, a lovely little city.

Shop details:

Dynamic Motors
3300 Eger, Ady Endre u.9.
Telephone +36 20 236 8560
Eger, Hungary
Owner--Gabor Biro

To help you find the shop, it is only one block south of the Archbishop's Garden, which is just south of the old center of town. Once you have oriented yourself to the town, it is fairly easy to find.

fredsuleman 9 Aug 2011 17:11

Pilot error with the keyboard.

Here is the website--hope you can read Hungarian.


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