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csustewy 23 Aug 2011 23:10

Welder / Metal fab in Xela, Guatemala - Taller San Carlos
If you´re ever in need of metal work in Xela, I´d highly recommend going to Carlos:

Taller San Carlos
Diag 11 7-63 Zona 1

Tel: 7765-3557 y 4117-6834

Relative to the old GIVI saddlebag rack (for soft bags), Carlos kept the important dimensions the same (width), extended the rack in the desired direction (lower to keep bags out of the chain), and helped to reinforce the whole setup with a rear bumper and additional attachment points, all without getting too heavy.



2foilheads 4 Sep 2011 14:21

yeah, a great fabricator
I would definitely second that. While I was there in Xela doing a Spanish course, I had Carlos do some random bits of work on my Ural and he is an absolute genius. Give him any job, with or without your own dimensions, and he can make it happen.
Besides that, he is also a really nice guy!

tlucas 27 Dec 2012 07:57

I will have to check this out immediately. Am in Coban, and Xela is only a [hard] day's ride away. Busted the stock tail rack/deck on my KLR 650 a few days ago while riding like an idiot and crashing... twice.


You wouldn't happen to know how the road is from Sacapulas to Huehuetenango to Xela is, would you? I know about the terrible conditions between Coban and Sacapulas already as I took that route in, but don't think there's a better option without taking the PanAm through Guat city. Will have to do some kind of bodge repair for the ride.

Thanks! :scooter:

tlucas 15 Jan 2013 03:06

Here's some of Carlos' magic...
Here's some of Carlos' magic:
P1100002.jpg by tylerblue, on Flickr

Very happy with the results!

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