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flyde 16 Apr 2009 15:49

KLR parts Sothern Cone/Buenos Aires
Im currently in southern chile waiting for my amego to get some replacment parts because his doohicky spat it on his 08. Im in need of fork seals and leavers for my KLR, im currently running some fabricated honda leavers but was wondering how avalible these parts are in Buenos Aires? If not closer...

Tyres in Punta Arenas?

Any experience appreciated

collin2 12 Dec 2011 08:59

02The assembled prices Sacramento Escort are WAAAY Sacramento Escorts below MAP, and because of that, you need to email us and we will send you a Sacramento Asian Escort list of items, or if you have a specific head you'd like Sacramento Asian Escorts affixed to an OKato, let us know and we will shoot you out pricing

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