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leslyrix 9 May 2005 00:01

Honda Repairshop near Creel, Mexico.
On a recent visit to the Copper Canyon A found that I was in Desperate need of a new rear tyer for my KTM.
Jaime Gonzalez Cordero is the Director of the small Dealership he speaks very good Enlish and is extremely helpful and enthusiastic towards Distance Bikers.He not only located a tyre to fit but also had it bussed to town and fitted that afternoon. In a place where shops seldom keep stocks I found this very good service and am sure that he would do anything he can to help anyone with any bike problems.
Please note that this shop only 100 miles from Creel.
Honda, Motorcar de Cuauhtemoc
Calle 4a # 329 Agencia ( Dealer )
C. Independencia # 239 Taller ( workshop )
Col, Centro,
Cd. Cuaathemoc, Chih.
Tel ( 625 ) 583-0991
Fax ( 614 ) 482-4923
E mail: jglzcor [[a-t]] yahoo dot com dot mx

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