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DougH 3 Jan 2006 19:05

help in Guatemala
Hello all,

Last week I rode from Cincinnati down to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Not a lot of pictures but some good stories, I was going pretty hard the whole time. Anyway, as I pulled in I think my starter died. The battery had drained over the coarse of one day and now when I press the starter I get a buzz instead of a start. Oh, this is a 1999 BMW F650 Funduro. I think it's probably the starter but that's not something I'm entirely comfortable with. I've been push starting for the past couple of days. Any ideas where I should start with the diagnosis/treatment? Anyone know of any good mechanics in Quetzaltenango?

I'm also in need of a new chain (I think). I started getting some klunks on upshift and some slapping over bumps and my chain has needed a lot of adjustments, so I think I've got that figured out. None of this is a deal breaker and I plan to continue on to Panama but I hope to get ti sorted while here since I'm stationary for four weeks for Spanish classes.

Thanks for the help.


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