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sellheim 11 Nov 2012 15:13

Good Mechanic in Merida Mexico
I can recommend a good mechanic shop i visited about 2 months ago in Merida Mexico.

Needed a new front sprocket/ rear sprocket and chain for a KLR650. But I'm sure they would have no troubles getting other bits and pieces for other motos.

Called a bunch of other larger dealers and they could only get it from 10-14 days!!

Got a tip from a friend to call GP motorcycle services and got it ordered express from mexico city and was there in 2 days !11

Although there was no english, we just used hand signals and google translate. Great bunch of guys.

They also have a moto club they'll probably invite you for a ride with them called, Caminantes Del Mayab Motoclub, on facebook

The contact details are:


Jorge A. Preciat Caceres

Calle 17 No 188-A X 16 Y 18 Col. Mexico Oriente C.P 97137

Tel: (999) 9 44 01 07
email: Gpssmerida1@hotmail.com

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