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vagamoto 12 Apr 2008 04:13

BMW dealer in Cancun
I tried to have the 20 000 km service performed on my GS 650 at Mayan Motors in Cancun, supposedly an authorised BMW dealer.
After a whole day, and 5 000 pesos, they failed to change the fork oil, coolant or brake fluid (as requested); didn't replace the airfilter or plugs, as specified in the service schedule; didn't check or fill the battery. Finally they used some corrosive mix to clean the bike, and stained the wheel rims. Two weeks after complaining to Gabriel, the owner, I haven't had a reply.

The good news, Ricardo at Bikers Garage is an ex-BMW technician, is passionate about his work, and he remedied all the problems on a Saturday for just 2 000 pesos.

Bertrand 12 Apr 2008 17:17

Rotten luck
Never much fun to read a post like this.
I am guessing that we have all had a similar experience somewhere, one which spurred me on to learn more about my 650 and carry out my own repairs even if I do take a bit longer- the satisfaction of a job properly done is hard to describe.:thumbup1:
(yes it does mean a few more kilos in your pack :( but better that than the alternative)

lpascal 7 May 2008 03:11

Bikers Garage cancun
Ricardo is good friend and profesional. Dont hesite stop in Bikers Garage. the phone number is 52 998 8876974.

All the best


mcgiggle 18 Jan 2013 14:24

In need of tyres in Cancun, do Bikers Garage sell/fit? Anybody got an address/co-ords for these guys?


Bertrand 18 Jan 2013 14:45

The 'dangers' of posting in more than one place....
Pete, look here

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