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RalEva 1 Oct 2006 11:42

motorcycle mechanic in broome?
dear friends,

we again!!
sorry, but we have problems with one of our bikes again.
it looks like, we killed the piston etc. on 1 bike.
we are now at 80 milebeach, just 350 km south of broome.
so we are looking very urgently for a place to repair the bike
maybe somebody knows a good place??

sorry, we just did the other bike in perth, startet 2 weeks ago there and now problems again

thanx for any help

Vaufi 1 Oct 2006 13:55

Sorry to hear that. I found the following under Broome:

Motorcycle & Small Engine World
2 Clementson St
Ph: 9193 5191
Fax: 9193 5395
Mobile: 0417 606 826
Postal: PO Box 871, Broome 6725
Email: mcsew@wn.com.au
Web: www.mcsew.com.au

Additionally there's also a Honda dealer whom I visited. Very friendly:

2 Clemenston Street Broome PO Box 871 Broome WA, Kimberley Western Australia
Phone: (08) 9193 5191 Fax: (08) 9193 5395 Email: info@mcsew.com.au

So, good luck!

PS.: I'm currently in Melbourne after wrecking my starter motor. Here, of course, you find lots of bike shops and bike wreckers.

mika 1 Oct 2006 17:37

huu, down under
hello guys,

I thought you are in Indonesia. And instead you are mistreating the bikes again ;-))

sorry I dont know a mechanic around Broome. not even in Port Headland, if that was the name of the village south of 80 mile beach.

what does it mean - you killed the piston ?

try to find a workshop and ask if you can work on the bike yourself, not easy in down under, or try to ask somebody from the HU Community if you can work on the bike in his garage ...

email me directly and there will be a solution, I remember a nice campsite in Broome and the city is relaxed, but not the best place to fix the engine

enjoy a VB


RalEva 2 Oct 2006 06:22

hi hans

thanx for the help,
how did you get to melbourne.
we thought catch you up somewhere here??

hope you and your bike is ok!!

Vaufi 2 Oct 2006 08:46

Hi there,

depends. Beginning of next week I'll travel up north to Sydney, maybe Brisbane, stay around Coonabarabran for a week or two, then head down to Adelaide via Broken Hill. Does this somehow fit to your travelling plans? Hope to be back in Melbourne by mid November, because I'll leave for Tassie end of Nov for 3-4 weeks, then return to Melbourne.

Yeah, would be interesting to catch up with you people :-)


RalEva 4 Oct 2006 10:48

found one
Hi there,

we found a nice guy:
Rugged Red
10 Pembroke Road
Phone: 08-91921992
Mobile: 0408893774
email: rugedred (AT) tpg.com.au

We heard bad stories about the guys from:
Motorcycle & Small Engine World

But we need a lot of time and parts for our bikes

thanx all for your help

sanpedro 11 Sep 2012 04:58

I'm currently living in Broome and have not been impressed by Small Engine World - which seems to be in line with what locals think. I've had some work done by Bart from Pearl Coast Motorcycles - don't have his number to hand, but his shop has just moved to behind Blackmans Hardware, on Guy St (near Bunnings, right at the end near Port Drive (closest to the ocean)).

He's got a very tidy workshop, has done good work for me, and at a reasonable rate. Am happy to recommend him

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