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Tim Wood 17 Apr 2008 04:12

Australia WA BMW repairs in Perth
Munich Motors no longer do repairs or serviceing, just spares. However, there is a BMW Master Technician who has started up (April 08).

David Munroe
3/112 Briggs St.
WA 6106
Ph: 94720000

He will also do other makes. As there's just him at the moment, it would pay to ring ahead to book your bike in.

Bigfoot 24 Sep 2009 04:41

Bassendean Motorcycles
Vince Radice in Bassendean also repairs BMW's. He operates in a shed at the back of his own home. His setup is impressive. The quality of the repairs he completed on my 1200GS has me recommending him highly.

Contact Vince
0438 642 036
Fax 9269 5227
Email: bassendeanmotorcycles at westnet.com.au

Ben Wright

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