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Shane Mckeon 27 Jun 2012 07:17

Australia, NSW, Sydney. SMW
Motorcycle Wreckers - Sydney Motorcycle Workshop - Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers

Don't be put off by the name, its not a scrap yard or a place that bike go to die. Although there are some pretty funky creations in there.

I came across this place while trying to locate parts and spares for a recently acquired Honda XR400R. I told them about the bike i purchased and what i wanted to use it for (Travelling). Luckily enough at least two the guys there either owned or had in the past owned XR400's and had extensive knowledge of the bike. I came out of there with a brief but very useful education about my own bike, which was well needed at that stage. They told me about the weak points on the bike and recommended some useful modifications for my travel plans, ie: Barkbusters, sump guard etc and told me about a good place to get aftermarket parts. They were happy to give my bike a thorough inspection, test ride and report all for free. Shortly after my bike was in there workshop receiving some well needed TLC. It came out a different bike and all for good reason. For the work done and the amount of time spend on my bike i found the bill was very reasonable and im happy to recommend these guys and return there in future.

If you're in Sydney you could do a lot worse than look up SMW for there services. Even if you don't yet have a bike and want to get one. For a fixed fee they will happily go with you to look over a bike you might want to buy and recover it if required, i wish i had known this before i bought my bike. Im fairly sure they also do bike rental and sales but as it something i wasn't in need of i didn't inquire about it. They have a good range of tyres, spares and accessories. Judging on the bikes i saw there these guys deal with every kind of bike going, old and new from off road/adventure to sports and cummuter down to Honda CT110 stashed in the corner. Both the office guys and workshop technicians are very friendly, approachable and never to busy to answer any questions you may have or advise you on any queries. Good experience, happy to recommend.

Motorcycle Wreckers - Sydney Motorcycle Workshop - Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers

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