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davor 16 Feb 2011 01:42

Mechanics and spare parts in West Africa, Mauritania, Senegal
We are two up on the motorbike (Yamaha Tenere 60 XTZ '96) trip to West Africa, and we had some problems with the bike on the way. I couldn't find much info on the mechanics and spare parts /maintenance availability online, not even too much on this site. I wonder why people who travel don't share that info more, and why guidebook writers don't write more about that as well...

But while i'm wondering that, the best thing i can do is to share some info i found on the road...

So our bike got broken on the piste between Atar and Chinguetti in Mauritania In Atar there is great guy Just that runs Bab Sahara auberge and has a nice workshop and great knowledge. (well so far, that info is available on this pages)
He organized a pickup for our bike, and he put me in contact with a deacent (even though not perfect) mechanic in Atar. There were also some nice fellow travellers (and mechanics) in auberge at that time that jumped in...
But that was not enough unfortunately, so we sent the bike on the bus (possible) to Nouakchott, and went to the mechanic called Tijani (tel. +222 46000389, speaks french)
He is probably the most skilled mechanic in Mauritania, with also some working experience from Japan. His workshop is not far from famous Sahara auberge, but not easy to find. It is called Garage Sahara (people in Mauritania are very inventive with thinking up the names for there busineses, it seems ) and it is located at:
N 18 05.759'
W 17 29.662'

So he finally fixed a bike and even organized/found some second hand spare parts..

We are now in Senegal, so i checked out the shops and mechanics here. Much bigger choice in Dakar. There are official representations of Yamaha and Honda (don't know for others), but it seems everything is possible to find.

A good mechanic is near the airport - His name is Tuwei and phone number 77648510 (speaks french):

N 14 45.202'
W 15 59.966'

Ok, hope that will help to somebody in future...
In the meantime i hope we wont need to search any more mechanics in Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin, but if anybody has and wants to share similar info for that countries, that would be greatly appreciated.

And a small tip for others who might be googling this before their first bike trip to Africa... (as this is mine) I was worried about mechanic stuff as i had no much knowledge and couldn't find almost any info on mechanics on my route, but i knew if i will have a problem, heavens and earths will help me to find the solution... So eventually it was much easier than it seemed... Help is coming from everywhere and nowhere when you're stuck... and that makes the journey more interesting and fun! So don't hesitate, just go!

Matt Roach 16 Feb 2011 12:31


Glad Tidjani sorted you out - he is a good guy!

As to info re: Mauritanian mechanics, you just have to do a bit of searching next time! See below


There is also a KTM shop in Lome, Togo with an excellent Swiss mechanic, Didier. It is on the main boulevard and there are a number of other posts on this site with the details.

Bertrand 24 Feb 2011 12:35

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[quote=davor;324399]and went to the mechanic called Tijani (tel. +222 46000389, speaks french)
and it is located at:
N 18 05.759'
W 17 29.662'

OOOOpppps seems to me that this places Mr Tijani 96 miles west out to sea from NCK.... MattRoach places him at N18.05.753 W15.59.965

And, you place Tuwei 6.7 miles SW from Mbacke - strangely enough the distance from Dakar to Tuwei is approx 96.8 as the crow flies- almost the same distance error to that above-
Could you revise those coordinates to help everybody who might need those?
many thanks

Matt Roach 24 Feb 2011 16:52

I double checked my co-ordinates for Garage Sahara on Google Maps and I believe they are correct.

Garaga Sahara used to be one block away from Route d'Nouadhibou and close to a large roundabout.

18 05.753, -15 59.965 - Google Maps

Having said that, things change so it is possible Tidjani has moved (but maybe not offshore just yet!).

mahsita 19 Apr 2012 09:46

Mechanics in Nouakchott & Dakar
Guys we looked for Tidjani and could not find him but we found a BMW specialized guy next to the "Escuadron de Gendermerie" close to the Central Market, called Fel. You better ask any soldiers there for the Mechanic as he is kind of official mechanic of the Gendermerie. He is humble with no shop but knows a lot. Speaks a bit of French. Tlf. 00222 46 59 43 15. But his Wolof is much better on the pone! Just ask any black guy on the street to talk to him on the phone as the mostly speak Wolof.

In Dakar look for Madou at Mad Bikes who has a well-equipped shop. He repaired our front suspension problem on a BMW 650 F. But his prices are quite European. His shop is close to Yoff village off the route de l’aeroport. GPS: 14º 45. 300 W 17º 28.339 His phone: 00221 33 868 38 30, mobile: 00221 77 450 66 67

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