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Matt Roach 24 Mar 2010 13:54

Kinshasa, DRC - motorcycle mechanic
For those needing work done in DRC, there is a Yamaha dealer in Kinshasa. The head mechanic Alain is a Yamaha specialist, but after spending a week with my KTM, he probably knows the LC4 engine quite well now. There are a few other mechanics there, but I would stick with Alain as the quality of the other mechanics was variable.

His contact details are:

Alain Lundanda
+243 (0) 9986 12268
alainlundanda AT yahoo DOT com

The Yamaha retail shop is located a few kilometres away from the garage itself. The shop can be found just off Boulevard du 30 Juin (S 04.18.276 E 15.18.519). They also sell a limited range of tyres.

The workshop (S 04.19.502 E 15.16.687) is near the MONUC headquarters at Rond Point Petit Pont.

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