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mattpope 24 May 2004 07:56

Africa Twins in Guatamala
Anyone with an Africa Twin running down through Central America should look at a service in Antigua, Guatamala.

Why? The city is awash with them! A group of local guys ordered 7 new ones last year and have good mechanic contacts in the town. No problem with the main service parts.

I had my Twin serviced in Mexico City where the Honda mechanic had never worked on one before. Would have prefered to have waited!

There are quite a few Twins in Guatamala City too but this is less fun to visit than Antigua.

Great bike scene in Guatamala. Ran into 100+ bikes doing a 'Poker Run' to various checkpoints and getting a stamp/card at each checkpoint.

colesyboy 24 May 2004 08:00

Yeah, that freaked me out also when I was there a month ago!

Got v jelous when I saw my exact bike there on the street but looking all shiny and new. So went back and gave my AT promise to clean him soon.

Guatemala City has a big honda garage, got a lot done there for next to nothing, good guy called Fransisco head the service dept and speaks superb Ingles!


mattpope 25 May 2004 07:09

Truly a bizarre experience. More ATs than at a HU meeting. What does that say?

Had any other work done further south? Once I get to Colombia I will be needing a service. Currently in Honduras. Been enjoying your trip reports - have fun further south and don't think about running for the vacant mayor position in Peru!

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