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Kurt 13 Nov 2003 21:47

Print Formats
I understand that many digital cameras take photo's with a 4:3 ratio. Traditional 35mm camera's use a 3:2 ratio (along, aparently with some digital camera's). Will the industry keep the traditional print sizes such as 4X6, 6X9, 8X12, etc or migrate to more digital friendly sizes? BTW, why are 8X10 frames so common?


Grant Johnson 14 Nov 2003 00:05

8x10 frames are super common because 8x10 has been THE standard photo size since the era of glass plates - which were 8x10. No enlargers in those days, all prints were contact, hence the large size. Eventually went to small format - 4"x5" - with the advent of enlargers, and of course all the other sizes since. Go into a camera store and see what's the number one paper size by FAR - 8x10. Also note - 8x10 is NOT 35mm camera friendly, but we put up with it anyway!

4:3 of course is tv dimensions.

Given that it's been over 60 years since the 35mm film size arrived, and the paper has still not adapted to that change, I think it's doubtful that paper will adapt to digital in the near future. Too many machines involved to change.

Grant Johnson

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Kurt 14 Nov 2003 04:39

Thanks Grant. I figured it was something like that. Old habits die hard or not at all.

Apparently Epson has other ideas. They sell 8.5 X 11 but not 8 X 10. Yet some of their printers print boderless 8 X 10's. Are they trying to start something? Or do we just get to buy paper for the waste can?

Anyway this has all come up as I look into buying a photo printer, which then leads to the question of paper, inks, longevity, etc.

A.B. 15 Nov 2003 03:20

If it's within your budget, get an A3+ printer. You won't regret it and will miss it often if you don't. After the novelty of getting a new printer whore off of me, I found that I only need to print images to hang on walls and this is where the A3+ comes in handy. I rarely print anything for archiving or to give friends; web and email size pictures took over that. But that’s me I don’t really know what use you have in mind.


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Kurt 16 Nov 2003 23:24

I just bought an Epson 960; largest size is 8.5 x 11. I vacillated for a while about getting the 2200 with a largest printing width being 13" but the price difference was too great. My main reason for considering the 220 was that the 2200 uses pigmented inks that are supposed to last much longer. But, with the speed at which printing technology seems to be moving, I figured I'd wait a bit before investing in a larger printer.


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