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Sjoerd Bakker 24 Dec 2008 18:54

posting pics
As a totally non computer owning person I have a question which I have sought answers to by doing some google searching Either they are selling a computer program for that or some similar service.
This year March I bought a Kodak Z1275 digital camera which claims as one of its benefits an "easy share " feature. I find it takes good quality photos , 12 Mb, resoulution, but I can forget about action photography due to lag time. For thatI will revert to my trusty film SLR.
My question is this: can somebody explain in short simple terms, or refer me to a website where such is done, how I might be able to transfer photos from the SD card or the camera itself onto postings on this site using a computer NOT MY OWN in a cibercafe? I have the USB cable for the camera and a USB card reader thingy . I do not own a computer nor do I know anything about the arcana of computer usage other than web surfing , doing e-mail and HUBB posts The camera came with a CD rom disc to explain the camera- but having no computer I never found out what is on there. The owners manual booklet is woefully inadequate, assumes that everyone has computer savvy and computer hoohup.
I take lots of pictures and might take the time to add some to my posts on occasion.However, as I said I have no computer , so I am looking for something a total neophyte might acomplish without going to the bother of actually buying into computer ownership and the massive study such would probably entail. If a simple solution is not possible I will with no problem forget about the idea.

mollydog 24 Dec 2008 23:29

Hi Sjoerd,
This is a tough one.
here and check it out, so you can learn how it works.

Sjoerd Bakker 27 Dec 2008 19:25

Thanks for the input Pat .
Sure sounds like a loooooooot of work!I thought it might be something easy and simple , like putting a heifer out to pasture with a bull and everything after that takes care of itself. Like plug in the SD card when on the website and watch a set of pictures to pick from and VOILA, done. lI will have to do some more research , and like Jack Benny in his comic skit I say " ...I'm thinking , Im thinking "..It's not that I'm a Luddite, I do have a free e-mail account and " computers "( and I use that term advisedly- they do very little actual computing ) are great pieces of office equipment, data storage devices is the accurate term. I don't mind using the products they help make better. I just never worked in an office and hesitate to sign up for any services I might decide never to use. I once signed up for an electronic banking connection to my bank account,picked a code word, the whole deal. Never used it once, have totally forgotten what the code word was .

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