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Matt Cartney 30 Oct 2005 23:21

mini hard drive
Anyone used on of these? Seems uncommonly good value. Perhaps the answer to all those storage on the road problems?



Grant Johnson 31 Oct 2005 01:11

Good find Matt!

I use the hard drive only version of these for backing up my laptop on the road, and they work great - the addition of the card reader is brilliant.


Matt Cartney 1 Nov 2005 18:26

Yep, thats along the lines I was thinking, I know hard drives can crash out so a back ups a must. I just lost a whole bunch of pix from my work. Luckily I'd already sent copies to the clients but its annoying not having my own copies. Also a little drive like this you can keep in a pocket of you jacket while you leave your laptop in your hotel etc. Reckon I'm definately gonna buy one!

chris 9 Dec 2005 18:13

Bought one. Seems good. Will report back upon return from Xmas trip to Morocco to advise how it worked in anger.


chris 20 Jan 2006 14:42

Used the above mentioned device in Morocco for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year. Did about 6 or 7 backups of various CFcards. All worked fine.

I tried to make sure it was plugged into mains when doing data transfer, although once I had no electricity in hut in mountains and it worked fine without. Also have a 12v cigarette lighter adapter for it. No used so far.


AndyT 20 Jan 2006 23:57

Anyone know where to get one of these in the USA? I searched on the web, but only found retailers on the wrong side of the pond.

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