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youmou 2 Jul 2004 06:06

Mauretania, Mali
First dilemma - digital or analog. What are chances to transfer pictures to CDs?

Second (because analog option will probably win this time) - how to protect films from high temperatures? Is aluminium foil enough (sorry for spelling mistakes, if any).. Is a risk high?

Thanks in advance.

Frank Warner 2 Jul 2004 08:17

Al foil will only protect from radiated heat. Don't leave them in the sun then Al foil will be ineffective. You will learn to seek shade when parking, stoping or just about anything else once things get hot. Makes photos of people difficult because they won't leave the shadows!

Margus 8 Aug 2004 03:18

Sure go for film if possible - considerably better quality when using professional films.

"Archiving" the rolls with aluminium foil on the road is a good idea indeed. Too too much heat are making photos more "foggy", but this apperas only when storing the films under very rough conditions.


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