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ozhanu 29 Nov 2005 18:42

Helmet Camera in the UK
Hi All,

I have a Sony DCR-HC42 video recorder and I am looking for a helmet camera which I can plug into it. I found some in the US however, shipping and tax are increase the cost. Can any of you recommend a shop in the UK?


ride safely
ozhan u.
'97 F650

Stephano 29 Nov 2005 20:15

Ask Ewan & Charlie. They've got a couple going spare.

backofbeyond 29 Nov 2005 20:55

Try here - www.rfconcepts.co.uk/helmet_cameras


dapleb 6 Jan 2006 17:33

Once you have the camera sorted, and if you use the helmet cam quite a lot its worth considering two more additions:

1) The camera casing from http://www.helmetcamera.com/ which will help greatly to protect your camera from damage and make it a whole lot easier to mount.

2) A remote on/off start/stop button, which will allow you to save battery power and record only the bits you want to..this saves tape/time editing/battery power and is a one button deal. I found mine at a skydiver site ....work on Sony and Canon and need a LANC. Compatability list is here: http://www.helmetcamera.com/Camera-Compatibility.html (DCR42 you have should be fine).


crazyman 12 Nov 2006 02:46

4Kam Helmet Cam
I got a 4Kam from http://www.4Kam.com. It's great quality at 520 tvl and comes with a bunch of stuff including a separate mic which is handy.

I've already got sony cam with tv-in to use it with but the recorder on the website looks like it might have potential, esp with the SD card etc. If you need both they do a discount for the 2.

Anyways I recommend it if your after one, good cam, good service and cracking value.

Chris of Motocross Africa 7 Jan 2007 21:47


What did you go for in the end and would you recommend it? I have the same Sony camera as you and planning on getting a helmet cam soon.

DavePortugal 7 Jan 2007 22:38

I got a sony helmet cam from an American outfit on e bay (didn't have to pay any extra tax), it came with an external mic, 2 mounting points and a wide angle lens. I use it with a DCR HC 42 (mini DV is definitely the format of choice if you are filming off-road) and am very happy with the results which, if you're interested, can be seen on my website. However I've noticed that I fall off much more while wearing the camera....strange.

Chris of Motocross Africa 7 Jan 2007 22:44

Must be the extra weight up top hey ;o)

I don't suppose you have the name of the seller or shop on you ebay still do you?

Will take a look at your site and vids now....


DavePortugal 7 Jan 2007 23:16

Couldn't find it at first but the seller is here -

I should say the slightly 'blocky' nature of my video is not due to the camera but the uploading process to the net. The 'falling off' is entirely due to the camera.

Chris of Motocross Africa 7 Jan 2007 23:42

That's perfect thanks, I was looking at that exact one earlier. Did you get a lanc remote control thing as well? If so how do you find that?

DavePortugal 8 Jan 2007 01:14

Didn't go for the remote - just rode with the camera at different angles and then edited. However I imagine the remote might be useful, we do mostly off road stuff so fiddling around with a remote is not that practical but for more road-orientated stuff it could work. It's all good fun though so enjoy.

ozhanu 8 Jan 2007 08:22

sorry, ı've just seen the post now.
here is the link:

ozhan u.

electric_monk 9 Jan 2007 20:04

LANC control
I have used the LANC control with the RFConcepts camera for a couple of years now and have found it easy to use while on the move, providing you are not wearing big bulky gloves. Haven't tried it off-road though.

Land Sailor 9 Jan 2007 21:07

Did you discover this site?

Good Luck,
Land Sailor

xlrdexter 13 Jan 2007 01:38

Helmet cam and GPS come together
Hey guys...was just reading your thread and thought I would post a link with a very cool product I found online.
From what I gather, the camera timecode and the GPS can be synched up so that you actually get altimeter/speed/terrain/map info with your video...Me thinks this is cool...Prob going to get one for my trip around Med summer 2007...CHEAP TOO.


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