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omar mansour 21 Mar 2012 13:01

helmet cam with remote
dear riders
im looking for a helmet camera with remote control as it can e easy to on -off it while riding
any hints for that ?
how about the Drift HD one
thanks all

Fantastic Mister Fox 21 Mar 2012 13:04

I have seen good enough reviews of the drift HD to make me want one.


Andi Bernhardt 21 Mar 2012 13:47

Hi Omar,

you can get a remotecontrol for the gopro soon. I think gopro its the best helmet camera. You can see it here:

[url=http://www.helmkamera-onlineshop.de/gopro_hd_hero/gopro-fernbedienung-wifi-bacpac-wireless-remote.html]GoPro Fernbedienung Wifi BacPac Wireless Remote Control Bacpac REMHD f

mattcbf600 21 Mar 2012 15:22

I'm a massive convert to the Hero 2 from GoPro

HD HERO2 Cameras - 2X More Powerful in Every Way

You can now get a wifi back with a remote

GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac & Remote

The shots are terrific and it's so easy to use - the new one has such a great resolution as well as frame rate that allows really cool slomo stuff.... here's something I shot last week

and here's the video that 'sold' me on it

Maddin 21 Mar 2012 20:16


I am also looking for such a cam and also with a remote.

Maybe the POV V.I.O. is a candidate.

German Moutainbikes did a test of different action cams.
A video can be found here. (German Thread about the test)


Alexlebrit 21 Mar 2012 23:01

Sorry to leap in with a subsidiary question, but here goes.

My Android phone has an app whereby it will continuously record a 10 minute loop, which can be saved at any time at the touch of a button. The great perk is of course that you can guarantee that you get the action shot without having endless hours of nothing happening.

I've been asking about, but sadly I've not found any specific action/helmet camera with the same feature. Does anyone know of one?

Maddin 21 Mar 2012 23:15


I think V.I.O. has this feature.

Hemuli 21 Mar 2012 23:33

Yes, Vio Pov has this feature.
Vio Pov has also remote.

Tim_A 29 May 2012 18:40

I've used Go Pros for a couple of years to film in car shots during rallies and to film car reviews, filming both behind the wheel and with cameras attached externally on suction mounts. But I'd always borrowed them and when looking to buy my own POV, the features of the Drift HD made it far more attractive.

The remote control is a must in a race car when you are strapped in and the position of the camera makes it impossible to switch on a Go Pro. Remotes can also be used to trigger multiple cameras if needed. I guess the same applies on a bike. It's easier to press a big button on a remote than a small one on the camera. The remote buttons are big enough to hit accurately with a gloved hand.

You can simply plug in an external mic on a Drift. Great for use on a bike with a $25 lavalier mic under the foam, or can be attached to a race car comms system in seconds with a Drift supplied adaptor. Can't do that with a Go Pro and good sound makes a HUGE difference to a video image.

The built in viewfinder may be small but it's there! It allows you to line up a shot, not guess at what's in the picture and only find you were wrong after 30 minutes of filming.

Being able to mount the camera body in any orientation and then swivel the whole assembly internally until your horizons are level is a great feature

The Drift HD uses a standard 1/4 inch thread mount, not a custom mount like the Go Pro. So it fits any tripod, ball head, monopod, Gorillapod etc.

The control menus are in English (or half a dozen other languages) so you don't have to memorise some random code and remember that it means you've dropped the frame rate or switched to stills mode.

I've not used either as a helmet cam but it strikes me that the shape of the Drift, which is more 'streamlined' tha the Go-Pro, would tend to minimise vibration a little. The Go-Pro sticks out 'flat' into the wind, and whilst the Drift is hardly the perfect teardrop streamline shape, it's a lot closer to it than the Go-Pro. This is just an observation - I can't verify it personally, but I've had the Drift working well when mounted on the boot of a car at around 140mph and the images have less vibration than I'd have expected. I'm told the suction mounts are "good to about 150mph" and I've never been tempted to find out! Well, maybe a little.....but I've not done so yet.

In every respect I personally find the Drift HD more conducive to actually making a decent video, and I've used the Go Pro a lot more in the past than I have my new Drift. Go-Pros may have the name but I reckon Drift have thought long and hard about making a better product.

NB I have no connection with Drift, I'm just a big fan!

Cody1771 18 Jun 2012 12:51

the drift is a very nice camera, but i decided to go with the GoPro Hero2, and you can get the WIFI backpack and remote control, and also link it up with your smart phone to use it as a screen, cool eh? the remote is very tiny and can be zip-tied to your bars. and also has a full LCD screen exact same as the cameras, the go pro also has a Mic port if you want an external mike but you have to run the skeleton housing making it no longer waterproof.

mark k 18 Jun 2012 13:38

Has anyone used this Ion Air Pro WiFi?
I'm looking at this as it's small and waterproof, looks like you can connect via an iphone, wonder if they have an android app also?

Endurodude 6 Jan 2013 20:10

Can I assume that, if I were to buy the GoPro 3, I wouldn't need a separate camcorder for off the bike use? I had been considering a decent camcorder, but the GoPro seems to be excellent! I want to get into (relatively) professional looking video, and it looks like the GoPro might fit the bill.

Is the lack of LCD screen an issue in use? I've read a few comments about people recording x amount of time before they've realised the footage's no good! How useable is the wifi remote on the move? Thanks in advance.

zandesiro 6 Jan 2013 22:41


ozranger 10 Jan 2013 19:53

i used the drift hd for my trip across africa and was really impressed with it
i had the mic and loved the fact i could record my thoughts. i had the mic connector break towards the end of the trip and drift fixed everything. really good support from them. and they are cheaper :thumbup1:

here is some of my video shot on my drift

RIde for Rangers: Part 4 Cameroon - YouTube

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