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mcgiggle 30 Oct 2011 10:02

GPS camera
I have just purchased a Pentax WG-1 GPS, I've looked at Google earth with respect to posting up images and am now totally confused :blushing:
Does anybody know of an easy to follow guide of how I put the images onto Google earth?


twenty4seven 25 Dec 2011 18:47

Hello Pete

Open a Panoramio Account, upload your photos and if they meet the acceptance policy they will appear in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Panoramio - Help - Getting your photos into Google Earth

Another great thing about Panoramio is you can upload full res photos.

Down side IMO, the photos are always shown with the latest uploaded shown first, meaning if you want them in date order you need to upload them carefully.


mcgiggle 10 Jan 2012 08:21

Nice one cheers, I'm off over there to see if a fool can work it :)

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