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Krid 25 Jan 2000 04:13


The last few things want to be sorted out before leaving for transafrica in two weeks. One of them is: how to deal with films? I guess I need at least 60 films for half a year (10/day), but won't be able to take them all with me.. so either buying locally in Cairo and somewhere Dar Es Salaam or Harare or sending them there by mail. And what to do with the used films?

How do you round-the worlders do that?


Grant Johnson 25 Jan 2000 08:55


I always carry 144 rolls of film!

I do this by removing the cardboard box AND the plastic film can and putting it all in ziplock bags. The bags then pack tightly into an approx. 100mm x 150mm x 200mm soft cooler bag in the bottom farthest corner of the saddlebag, away from the heat of exhaust and sun.

The ziplock bags are 200mm x 180mm, and will easily last the trip. 18 rolls per ziplock.

I carry 14 rolls of film in plastic film cans in a pouch for the days stock and replenish in the evening. (Susan carries 8 rolls for the day) The clear Fuji cans are better than the Kodak cans.

WHITE saddlebags help a lot to keep the film cool. Even in 45C heat in the Sinai Peninsula our saddlebags were cool inside, only reaching daytime ambient temp around 1 in the afternoon. Never over ambient temp. We have never had a problem with film being spoiled by heat.

I use a white raincover for the tank bag when I have a black tank bag, makes a huge difference in camera temperature.

10 frames a day? Stingy bugger eh? In 9 months in Africa I shot 350 rolls. And I though I was stingy! Granted I shoot slide film and bracket most shots.

Fuji film can be obtained from the distributor in Cairo. DO NOT get film processed in Cairo at the Fuji distributor!!!!!!!!!

Don't use APS film, very hard to get in some areas.

Have fun, I look forward to seeing some of your pictures! Send me some jpegs when you can.

Grant Johnson

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Krid 1 Feb 2000 23:17

Thanks Grant!

I'll take your advices - the idea with the cooler bag is, er, cool =8-)

I hope to get some pictures of me and my bike online before I leave - beauty and the beast (guess who's who) http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif


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