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mark manley 10 Jun 2011 19:29

malnourishment on the long tour
Do any of the long distance touring cyclists out there suffer from the effects of malnourishment on your trips? Last year I did a 2,500 mile, four month tour of SE Asia and found travelling through rural Vietnam and Laos hard work due to a lack of nutritous food, noodle soup and bananas being the only thing available in some places. Apart from the loss of what little fat I had to start with the other effects were a deterioration of my eyesight and a weak bladder, both conditions got better a few weeks after getting home and eating some good food.
I would be interested in hearing of other people's experiences and how they deal with the problem on very long trips.

Boycie 13 Jul 2012 22:32

When my wife and I did a 6 month 5500 trip around India and Nepal we both lost a couple of stone by the end of the trip. We lost most in the south where found the food too spicey but basically we ate in the busiest cafes. We always avoided meat and bought bottled water and we never ailed at all. On other trips I have made to India I have gone down with Dehli Belly when eating western food prepared by the locals. I think it's always best to eat what and where the locals do.

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