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triumphMan 30 Apr 2010 17:43

Cost of bicycle in Siagon Vietnam
does anybody know how much a push bike " bicycle" would cost in Ho chi minh city .... and where would be a good starting place to look when we arrive, my friend and i are traveling to Hanoi and tacking 3 weeks to do it in.also what type of money would be best to take US dollar or Euros..?
anybody would like to meet up along the way let us know starting 10th May till the 31st May...!!

gixxer.rob 30 Apr 2010 22:31

They use Vietnamese Dong and US dollar and you can get both from an ATM. No idea about the bicycle, a scooter would be cheap, cheap though..

mark manley 10 May 2010 11:14

possible cost
I have just finished a cycle tour of SE Asia using my own bike and while in Vietnam enquired about the price of an ordinary single speed bike and was told $70, this seemed a little high for what it was and would guess I was quoted tourist price and you should get one for less. I did see a few mountain bikes there but nothing which looked quality so you might want to consider bringing your own.
There are atm's everywhere, take cash dollars as backup.

triumphMan 22 May 2010 11:37

Thanks for info
Thanks for all info supplied...into our second week now ...for anybody who may be interested we bought two bikes not great quality no gears and the sit up and beg type after hard bagaining bought each for 1million dong around 35 pounds sterling....we lasted 300 kilometers before giving them away to two young greatful familys.....and are continuing our trip on two honda 70 or 90s and plan to give these away also if they get us to Ha noi that is...!!!:scooter:

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