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stuxtttr 7 Nov 2007 12:42

Cane Creek Thudbuster
I have one of these suspension posts for 6 months now and its the best money I ever spent. If you are going to be riding rough roads or tracks then it is well worth the outlay. Yes it is heavier than a normal post but I think the benefits to youre body are worth the extra weight. My friend has the light weight version and he loves it for mainly tarmac.


Carl P 17 Nov 2007 22:33

I couldn't agree more, I've had one about 6 months also, for me it was a way to try to relieve back pain I was starting to get from riding my rigid MTbike.
I thought about getting a new bike with rear suspension, but though my old bike is about 15 years old (expensive at the time) it's still a really great bike & not that heavy, so the Thudbuster was the way I went.
I won't try & pretend it's equal to rear suspension, but the ride is sooooo much better, & no back pain. Oh yeah, & not having to shell out $$$ on a new bike was nice as well! :thumbup1:

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