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pooley 13 May 2009 12:00

Bicycle Travel Tents?
My wife and I are planning to slow things down a bit, and cycle from England to Africa! Some help with Tent options pls. For two people, light and packs down small. Whats popular in the cycling world?
Nick. www.pooleglobaltrek.com

Belle 13 May 2009 13:30

I've just bought a Vango Tempset (I think ) 300 and am very pleased with it. Packs down small, is light but also has enough room to do the usual tenty things, plus keep your gear. I think it was about £90.00 and we use it on both bikes and m/bikes.:D


djorob 17 May 2009 17:47

Bought a Terra Nova Laserlarge2 last year.
2kg, sleeps two and terra nova claim that you can store 2 cycles in the front porch.
Folds up a lot smaller than the bag it comes in.
Not been cycling with it yet but it's not too bad on moto's.

McCrankpin 17 May 2009 19:11

I think I can recommend Terra Nova tents as well. Ten years ago I had a Wild Country Zephyr (made by Terra Nova) and used it on a cycling trip from Canada to Mexico. Don't know what total use it's had, but that trip lasted nearly four months and I slept in it for 101 consecutive nights. I bought a new tent recently for a planned long motorbike trip and would have bought another Zephyr but it's not made anymore, so now have a Terra Nova Voyager. It looks even better quality and is lighter.

pooley 20 May 2009 22:28

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll keep looking, loads to look at!!

Xander 21 May 2009 10:07

Hey I admit that this is blatant selling but i also highly recommended it.
But I am selling the perfect thing for you and it is cheap too
North Face Slickrock 2-man tent £40
some pic are here...
Tamara Kincade Kabat's Photos - Selling up the house! | Facebook
i will be posting all this stuff in the for sale section too.

markharf 21 May 2009 18:30

I like Hilleberg a lot, in all sorts of conditions. Definitely worth a look, although there are certainly cheaper options.

Hope that helps.


Warthog 21 May 2009 20:41

If you are on a budget, then Decathlon do reasonable tents at reasonable prices. Some are wellknown brands, some are Decathlon's own brand (Quechua):

Backpacking tents.

klaus 22 May 2009 03:01

If you are looking ....
..... for some serious, high-quality tents at an affordable price, you might want to visit thise site:

Rejka Outgear

I got a tent similar to this one which I bought 8 years ago. Took it to quite some touring, had torrential downpours, taifuns and whatever :stormy: - it did great! The tent is still in perfect condition and I will be using it during this year's Hokkaido touring again. For a similar tent with similar specifications made by a "well-known" company would would have to pay more $$$$! Just check their homepage, even though all is in German (but hell - we got free online translating tools now). Agai, I am in no way connected to this company, don't get any pay-offs, just want to help others as much as I can. When or if you get with them, maybe you want to mention my name - might result in a minor (or bigger???) discount - who knows! :clap: JUst always keep in mind: you get what you pay for!

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