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dikkobat 17 Dec 2009 22:50

XR650L tyres

I have a 1993 XR650l that seems to destroy tyres, i only got about 2,600miles out of them this year from brand new TKC80s, surely i should get more than that? Also, the fromt wore at the same rate as the rear, tho whilst being still legal the knobblies are so slanted front to rear that it feels pretty mingin to ride. (and the front spend a lot of the time in the air too!!). At £130 a pair, not cheap!! Any suggestions? Mostly on road. Was going to try Karoos' next. Have heard of people getting 5 to 10,000 out of a REAR TKC80? How?!!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

BCK_973 18 Dec 2009 02:54

What do you mean with "destroy"? i ride an 94 650L and they last much more then you say! Maybe they are not propperly aligned?
Could you show pic of such destroyd tyre?
Sounds strange......no dirt....only tar?

spooky 18 Dec 2009 08:46

check out your spokes
check out for lose spokes.... renew the bad or bend ones, tighten up and balance the wheel and your problem will be solved.

Pigford 20 Dec 2009 15:26

Yeah, I had a new set of TKC80's on me old DR650, and they didn't wear very well :(

They are a good compromise tyre, 70/30 - road/dirt, but not cheap :stormy:

Baron Bolton 21 Dec 2009 01:56

Well I would recommend...
I'm 23k miles into a RTW trip, and had great experiences with Heidenau K60 tyres.

They lasted something stupid like 12,000 miles, maybe more I can't remember.
MEFO Super explorers may be equal or better, but pain to find in the UK.

I would highly recommend spraying some WD40 or similar into the spoke nipples, and giving them a 1/4 turn one way, then back again.
Just to make sure they don't seize in there.
Mine did, and I'm scrapping the wheel. :(

Have fun, it's a great bike eh


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