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dazza 18 Jan 2012 13:20

Pegaso upgrades
Hi all,
Last July I treated myself to a very clean low miles, original condition Aprilia Pegaso. Although Registered as a 1997 model I think it's actually a '96 as it has the MX prefix. It's burgundy with the single headlight.....I've been happy to run around as standard so far but this year want to start 'upgrading' for long trips through Europe and into North Africa and am hoping for a little advice. First on the list is a bigger and/or auxillery fuel tank to extend the range to over 120 miles before reserve, I've trawled the net but have come up blank, does anyone know if its possible to get hold of a bigger tank? The only pannier rack and crash bars I can find to fit are Hepco and Becker, does anyone know of any other brands that may fit? Is the rear shock rebuildable or should I get something like a Hagon for those off-road forays....would it also be better to replace the footpegs for larger ones, I'm already considering Renthal Fatbars (everyone likes a bit of bling) as I can't really get on with the standard bars. I'm happy with the standard 19"/17" wheel sizes but can anyone recommend decent allround tyres, I'll mainly be riding smaller roads and a few dusty tracks with maybe a small blast into the desert occasionally....Any other 'improvements' you may have in mind will be more than welcome, although I'm a seasoned (old) biker I'm new to adventuring and need:helpsmilie::thumbup1: many thanks...Dazza

bodie 23 Jan 2012 22:57

Hi DAZZA not sure but is pegaso similar to bmw 650 not sure but maybe a trip to a bmw dealer would confirm this then look for parts that would interchange wider footpegs are nice if standing while riding along iv fitted kawasaki motocross pegs to my bmw r850r with very little alteration.

Fantastic Mister Fox 23 Jan 2012 23:42

I had a 2001 aprillia pegaso for a bit, the tank was almost 20 litres on mine so a bigger one wasn't needed.

There is an aprilia forum and I found the pegaso section quite helpful.

Pegaso 650 Cube and IE

As far as luggage goes i think hepco and becker might be your only option for pattern parts but try Zen overland he may be able to beat them on price if he fabricates some for you

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