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daytona 3 Aug 2008 16:58

MZ MUZ? Mastiff Clutch cable and parts.
98 MZ 660 Mastiff Clutch cable
Hello can anyone say what can be used, or where a common Item like a clutch cable can be obtained for these? I don't see why they don't sell these bikes here in the US like hot cakes in winter! looks close to an XT350 rig. Thanks for any help.

Any got any suggestions for the us? or do I have to deal from the uk? great place here! even gives a PDF parts book. and atleast has parts.

Stephen 16 Aug 2008 12:22

The levers are Tomasselli and the cables are Yamaha. Take your old one along to check. In the UK venhill can make you up ones for not a lot more than the yam prices. Virtually everything is Yam or Ducati with very few exceptions. Grahams motorcycles in the UK can also supply OE parts. Although with the possiblility of MZ collapsing yet again it is a moot point for how long.


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