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huertecilla 17 Nov 2002 18:54

On none of the travellers boards do I find a mention of Husaberg. No, the Husaberg products are not distance-machines, but they do make excellent machines for North AFrican excursians.

I ride a '99 400 Enduro myself and find it ideal: the lightest by far, measerly fuel consumption, simple mechanics.
Weak point is 1 litre engine-oil contents which means you have to watch the level ánd replace this litre regularly. However, you'd take some engine-oil along anyway and a 2,5 litre can will give you two services ánd top-ups to span them.

As the bike is a pro enduro bike, all parts are TOP-quality and no mods are needed to make it take unimaginable abuse. Because of its origin, lots of accessories are available and alo most Acerbis stuff simply bolts on.

I have a 9 litre and 21 litre mains tank and a 5,5 litre aux. that replaces a side panel. All are original factory options.

Also fitted an automatic clutch; reliable, fool-proof and no clutch lever to break!


Freek 17 Nov 2002 22:06


Please tell me more about the automatic clutch. Where to buy ? website ?

Freek (NL)

huertecilla 18 Nov 2002 23:58

More on the clutch on www.revloc.com, and on www.husaberg.org under keyword 'revloc'.
Dunno how to work it on this site but have pictures of the secret internals and the lack of externals available.

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