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fluidmovement02 1 Apr 2009 01:50

Front Forks Keep Getting Tweaked
Hey I have a cheap little chinese enduro im cruising around south america and I continue having a problem with my front forks getting out of alignment whenever I hit a bump. I have to readjust them on a regular basis and its not easy getting them perfectly straight again. I tighten those damn forks really good everytime and yet so easily they get tweaked out again. Should I just get new forks or what. Thanks

djorob 1 Apr 2009 17:45

What about a fork brace?
Just to link the tops of the sliders together, you may be able to get one made up if you can't find one?
Has it recently had new head bearings? Are they seated fully? Is your stem bolt pinched up ok?
Try loosening the clamp bolts and rotating the stantions 1/4 turn and re-clamping?
Hope this helps.

*Touring Ted* 2 Apr 2009 12:30

What do you mean by tweaked ???

Does the fork twist in the clamps ?? Does one fork end up protruding more out of the clamp than the other ??

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