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brclarke 29 Mar 2001 04:29

Enfield touring
Anyone out there do any touring on an Enfield, especially outside of India?

I have a 1995 Deluxe 500 that I bought last May used (I also have a Suzuki 650). When I bought my 500 it had only 3800 KM on it despite being 4 years old. I had to do a little clean-up (replacing plug, oils, filters, etc.) Last year I put about 3100 KM (2000 miles) on it; mostly short trips around town, but I did do a few day-trips on it as far away as a campground about 200 miles north of here.

I've found it to be reasonably reliable, but you should still be the sort of person who likes to get his hands dirty. If you are the kind of person who enjoys working on old cars or you can fix your gas lawnmower when it has a minor problem, then the Bullet is for you. If you're the kind of person who
takes your Honda into the shop for an oil change then it's definitely not the motorcycle for you.

I usually spend a few minutes checking my motorcycle out at the end of every ride. I find that occasionally I have to tighten a bolt or adjust a cable, nothing major. Once every few hundred miles or after a long ride I give the bike a thorough once-over, checking the valve tappets, checking the oil
levels, tires, cables, etc. The most expensive part I've had to buy so far
is an air filter for about $15 plus shipping.

I'm taking 4 weeks vacation starting on April 21 through May 22. I was thinking of taking my Suzuki 650, but the idea of instead taking the Enfield 500 is appealing.

I've gone looking around on the internet to find info on any road trips folks may have done here in North America. All I've found is a report at http://www.route66.com/

Bruce Clarke

John Ferris 29 Mar 2001 05:58

A good source for road trips is the book
Road Trip USA at www.moon.com/road_trip
The routes are old US Highways no Interstates.

karter257 11 Sep 2001 01:45

Did you go your trip with the Enfield Bruce? I've just seen a 500 Classic Delux thath the UK importers have put together and it looks ace. Although your web site says the brakes are pretty poor. So just wondering how you got on with it?


Spud 19 Sep 2001 22:53

Enfield's are superb bikes. I have had one in India a few years a go (350cc) and will head to India again in another couple of months or so.
Myself and a friend are going to buy 500cc models and equip them with the usual protection bars you can get for them there and then ride them to the UK.. somehow!! We were going to go to Pakistan/Iran etc..but last weeks atrocity with WTC suggests otherwise. We shall have to change route maybe.
I agree though.. definately a bike for those that like to 'tinkle' with the mechanics!

ronaldcolijn 23 Mar 2003 14:32

Hi Bruce,

4.5 years, 61.000 kms, 21 countries and a lot of oil changes!

I am still on the road after "doing" Africa, Arabia, Asia and am still very much enjoying it! I think you have chosen a good bike for it, its style, its classic (opens a lot of doors!) and its fun!

Give a shout if you want more info.

Ronald Colijn


Round the world on a Bullet,
it can be done!

ps, Friend of mine has been through the Sahara on his Bullet, lives in the UK, wanna email him for more info?

ps2, Am now in Australia

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brclarke 12 May 2006 04:35

I was looking through the old posts and stumbled onto this thread I started five years ago!

The Enfield and the Suzuki are long gone: I sold both motorcycles when I left Canada three years ago to teach overseas. I've been bikeless since... until about three weeks ago when I bought a new 200cc sportbike here in Mexico. I'm breaking it in now, and I hope to ride it on a two-week roadtrip in late July.

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