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henryuk 27 Dec 2010 09:43

Ducati barrel swap
I have been trying to find some pistons for a ducati pantah 650 engine and as far as I can tell they are milled from unobtanium. Does anyone else need some, if so I can have some made but its not worth it for two pistons.....

My other option is taking some 750SS barrels and pistons, porting the 650 heads and using 650 cranks etc, the result would be a monstrous 750 engine in a 650 frame with a kickstart. I am sure there is a good reason why you don't se kickstarts on 750s (snapped ankle anyone?)!! Does anyone have any advice on whether or not this will work?

The other drawback is I want to enter the heroes legend rally on it in the 'classic' category, how eagle-eyed and techy are the scrutineers on this as the barrels would be too new for the age category?

Maybe I should just swallow my pride and buy a jap bike, or become a farmer and buy a GS!

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