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srileo 4 Oct 2011 07:21

Bajaj Pulsar for E.Africa?
Why not a Bajaj Pulsar for an Africa ride? They are local, plenty of parts, pretty cheap, no shipping needed to africa or back, no carnet needed and any shadetree mechanic can fix it, if not myself....

I am thinking of purchasing one in south africa, ride around there, get up to kenya or so in 3-4 months. I live in San Franisco and have a DR650 that i could use for this ride, but i am trying to avoid the hassle of importing, carnet and shipping out.

I grew up in india and my first bike was a bajaj as well. i know them to be simple, slow and rugged. I believe there should be a fairly good network of dealers in all the south and eastern african countries?

Has anyone had any long distance experience with these small local bikes?
Here are a few links:"
and http://www.jonway.co.za/bikes.php?id=14

JHMM 17 Oct 2011 18:33

Bajaj is available is South Africa, not too sure about the rest of Africa. I advise you to do some homework first on Jonway the local dealers over here.
Check the link below: (paste into browser)

Search Results | Customer Service | Hellopeter.com

Check to see what their customers are saying. I am sure that the bikes are good, just the dealer service may not match. So unfortunately you don't see too many of them on the roads here. But there are many other cheap choices to be had.
Many chinese copies that have very good quality, spares and backup.

90 days Cape to Cairo on 200cc Motomias

anaconda moto 17 Oct 2011 22:02

I know that Bajaj owns KTM and Kawasaki companies for 40% , i don't know i what that means for there quality, but they seem very good for there price,especially the Bajaj Pulsars.
Pulsar 220 ,has a 18liter tank and run 40/50 km per liter(in real life),but does have a hard suspension and 21 hp.

Good luck with your choice!

estebangc 19 Oct 2011 20:43

Little experience with Bajaj Pulsar 150cc
To me, it sounds a great idea!

We rented a Bajaj Pulsar 150cc in Nepal and rode it 2-up for some 7-8 days and I liked it quite a lot. Can't tell how many kms, since the speedo was not working, but some hours a day. Carrying a (reversed) day pack on my chest and a North FaKe duffle on the back of my girlfriend we had not much (at all?) space to move, so not very comfy, but not worse than my XT600. Solo riding should be far better.

I am quite inexperienced to give proper opinions about bikes, but I found it had enough power, we were the quickest on Nepali roads, at least. Some gravel roads witn no problem, since it is very light and the seat is low, although enough clearance. Tried also a 200cc and enjoyed the extra power.

It has to be reasonably realiable (although being Indian! I am not a subcontinent big fan) and spares cheap, since we rented it at 7-8€/day and they make profits even if you are riding hard roads.

So, being a "crappy vehicles lover", I find your idea really cool. If spares are easily available, I'd say, GO FOR IT!


PS: If it is a South African bike you do not need a CdP?

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