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leobloom 23 Jan 2010 06:11

Anyone know this guy?
Might not be the right place to ask but does anyone know who this Enfield rider is? YouTube - Royal Enfield 500cc. 1946
This guy was riding from the Netherlands to Australia and was in Thailand in September 2008. I'm interested as I want to do the same trip in reverse on a Royal Enfield. Cheers,

Champ 24 Jan 2010 00:58

Hi Leo,
I am very interested in learning what you have planned and all about your impending trip route how you get through China if you’re coming that way which I take it you are coming from Netherlands through Thailand. I would be interested to know what licences and paperwork you will travel with Insurance etc, border crossings and general temperament of the authorities and people in general

Trying to find what you are referring to on the link in you TubeYouTube - Royal Enfield 500cc. 1946 I’m a bit of a dunce with these things like YOU Tube Twitter etc:innocent:

When you get to OZ and travelling to Brisbane looks me up there is always a meal and a bed on the lounge floor for anyone travelling through

If you want to work in OZ to replenish your pocket money get the correct permit before you start your trip: you leave your self open to abuse by the corrupt if you don’t. Tourist work visa I think

Follow the thread from Singaporedream I’ve met the guy and he and Sam seem to me to be nice people, just caught in a tricky situation and are probably frustrated by our system here.
Anyway Good luck in your travels


leobloom 25 Jan 2010 22:34

I wish I was that far into the planning stage Champ but I'm not heading off for a year at least. Have a vague route planned but not much more than that sadly.

I'm actually from Melbourne and starting my trip from home but I'll be looking up a Norwegian work visa before I head off (want to do some work up there if I make it to Europe). I'm actually flying up to Brisbane this weekend as it happens, hope you have some good weather for me.

Cheers mate,

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