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charlietyler 17 Feb 2002 17:19

660xtz tenere 1996-should I buy?
I'm fresh from testing a 660xtz tenere, year 1996. The milage is reasonable, seems to have been used largely of sealed surfaces... price is relatively good value,

should I buy?

I live in the mountains, though it will be mostly used for a 60km return commute, to the big town, though I hope to give it a fair bit of hair pin exposure...
though I feel I'm getting old, and I've had three years off biking since a casual car driver showed me the tarmac. The questions I have hanging in my head are:
Was not the seat just a little bit to high? standing I'm 5ft 10, or 175cm, I think, but with the gate of an ape and the inside leg measurement to match.
I believe maintenance should be cheap and easy, but wouldn't the Honda Transalp be a better bet, being a touch more refined, and pleasant on the open road, with the wife on the back and picnic basket under her arm?

onlycookie 27 Aug 2002 16:00

Hi there!

I'd say both are good - I think the Transalp is a bit too heavy to go real dirt-tracks, but gravel is OK.
Both are great, the Tenere is cheaper, and BOTH are comfy as far as I know...

Anyhow - depends a lot on your pocket money - huh??

davidedwardmawer 25 Jan 2003 22:17

XTZ is smooth for a single, comfortable (though not for passengers). It has a good range and reasonable protection. Also good in traffic. Heavy off road especially in the wet. I would recommend it.

futronix 23 Apr 2003 02:58

i have an 96 xtz660 and am more than happy with it.it really is a tough reliable bike, im actually setting the bike up to ride from england to india two up, probably too small for the job but im confidant it can handle the task.read the pages on the xt 600 forum for things to look out for, ie fifth gear failure etc... good luck.

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