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graysworld 26 Feb 2012 19:35

White Smoke Iveco 40-10 4x4
Hi All,

Well the story goes on and on...Just to recap I am getting white smoke on over
run at start up and until warm. So the latest....I have just had the injectors
re conditioned and it has not made a difference! I have blocked off the fuel
supply to the thermo starter and that has made no difference! What next??? The engine sounds like it is miss firing when it is cold too. I have replaced the
wax stat advance (or is it retard) mechanism on the back of the pump and it is still the same,
(this was the first thing I did)

Anyone got any more ideas?


mudandsmoke 27 Feb 2012 00:08

Pump timing or air in system.
I am not familiar with this truck type, but to me this sounds like the injection timing is retarded. I do not know what type of injection system you have, but if it is the type with a mechanical pump it will be a relatively easy task to adjust the timing, but if the system is modern common rail it could be a little more tricky. The internet may give you the answer. But before you do anything, make sure the fuel system is fully bled of air, and there are no fuel leaks, as this will give the same symptoms.

tacr2man 27 Feb 2012 11:37

If you are white smoking simply its diesel is being injected but not burnt, black smoke is rich , blue smoke is oil .
White smoke on start up is not uncommon , but should fairly quickly dissapear, as mentioned above , sounds like a timing issue , or poor compression both of which should be easily diagnosable.

danward79 27 Feb 2012 15:31

White smoke may be water also. Perhaps a head gasket? Do you have mayo in the oil? Or oil in the coolant?

Gipper 27 Feb 2012 16:22

IME reconditioning injectors is a waste of money, much better to buy some new ones. I have had reconditioned injectors not work correctly before and cause problems.

As Mudandsmoke mentioned make sure you have no air in fuel system and a good clean fuel filter, as well as checking fuel feed pipes, also check the fuel return pipe from the injector bank back to the tank and make sure it is not blocked or leaking.

As the guys have mentioned check timing first. Doing anything else is pointless if the timing is out.

When you know that timing is good and it hasnt cured the problem, cold start the engine and let it misfire for 30 seconds then kill engine before it warms up, then pull the injectors to see which one (or more) is wet with diesel.

Compression check any cylinders with wet injectors, if compression is good buy new injectors.

Good luck!

graysworld 27 Feb 2012 21:49

Thanks for the replies folks,

I have no water in the oil or oil in the water. It is definitely un burnt diesel. I had the injectors re conditioned at a company in Poole Dorset ( Griff you might know them, Electro Diesel ), I had been advised that they really know their stuff. I am going to take it to another place for a second opinion, and get the timing checked which I am sure is not right. I have not got the tools for a compression test but it seems fine on the road.

Thanks and please keep the thoughts coming.


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