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hoof 6 Feb 2010 16:56

Shogun Advise please
Hi Guys
Just bought a 1995 LWB Shogun 2.8 Turbo Diesel, Only bought her as i have known the car from new and has incredible history,
Im in the market for a HJ60 but find this Shogun great??? And im tempted to prep this instead??
Any information and advice would be great, I have always been a Toyota man but im swaying:helpsmilie:

phtest 8 Feb 2010 03:07

They are OK but?
Had the 3.5 V6 petrol version of the same year, it was fine well built lots of room. When pushed hard thou it struggled off road and I found it uncomfortable. Depends what you will be doing with it?

They are good and tough but are independent front suspension unlike the HJ60 which is solid axle. The HJ will alway be better, or a 70-75. It all depends what you want it for.
I used mine as a converted camper and for trips to the outback. Like I said it struggled in some of the hard stuff. Good tires help. Does it have the factory diff lock? Also you can put Nissan patrol springs in the rear and use the factory key to turn your front suspension and get a poor mans suspension lift (2inch). Some of the diesel engines have overheating problems at high mileage, that maybe just here in Australia. Its always going to pay to get a good one and look after it.
I would have one before a land rover, but if I could afford it a good HJ will take you anywhere.

hoof 8 Feb 2010 18:55

Thanks for the reply, She really is a top car totally pampered all her life, I have to agree i just love the hj 60 and if one comes up (The right one) then i will get it, but for now im very impressed with the Shogun and will look into the mods you mention
We are planning a run down to Algeria, then off to Goa, Just starting the planning now,
The only thing that does concern me is the transmittion on the shogun knowing nothing about it!!! But i guess i will learn:smartass:

gary27 9 Feb 2010 09:23

I've been preping my shogun for the last year as we are going on an overland trip through africa so far i've up rated the shocks fitted a snorkel full roof rack duel batts and a lowed of other stuff as i live and work in the country side i use my shogun off road a lot i think its very capable off road the only thing that lets it down is the suspention and the diffs tend to ground.
I also have a land rover TD5 and the shogun can go just about any where it can but the main differance is the ground clearance is much better on the landy.
I have central and rear diff locks on the so this gets you out of a lot of places if you are stuck.

The most important thing with it is a good set of tyres and i would put the tallest tyres you can to help lift the diffs and rember its not a landy but is more than capable and a nicer ride.
Take a look at my web site it's no finshed but might help Swinglish

hoof 9 Feb 2010 17:45

Hi Gary,
Great news, I would love to see the shogun but you link is not working? Plus where did you get your snorkel as im having problems sourcing one,
Cheers and best of luck:thumbup1:

gary27 10 Feb 2010 06:39

Hi hoof4u sorry about the link it's working now for the snorkel there are a few options you need to look for kit for pajeros as not much is sold for the shogun but they are the same car I got mine from a place called Airflow snorkel kits Airflow Snorkel Kits for 4x4, SUV and 4WD off-road vehicles, Parts and Accessories - Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover Discovery, Defender, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Ford, Holden, Mazda, Kia I'm very happy with it the only thing is that the instructions are not that good and i took out my head light washer bottle so it would fit easyer.If yiu need any more help just ask and i'll see what i can do i have quite a good bank of resouce for where to get parts and gear now.
Cheers gary

hoof 11 Feb 2010 08:29

Hi Gary
great link thanks, Yesterday i did find a company in uk called Devon 4x4 who can supply stuff for the Shogun but your place in Aus is miles cheaper so just checking out deliver cost ect,
We have a complete snap on vehicles and if you are half as chuffed as we are with the shogun so far then thats great, The only thing that bothers me slightly is i also have a 1997 Discovery and when given the same off road task the Disco beats the shogun hands down, Im hoping like you said the tyres are going to be the difference as the disco has new Pirelli scorpions and the shogun came with Bridgestone Duelers,
Anyway i take my hat off to you taking the whole family we have two guys 9 and 7 and a year in the car with them sends shudders down my spine!!! Love them to bits but they were born here in France and are totally french which means.... lets just say can you emagine stopping 12 till 2 for lunch on the dot every day???
They will be staying with my parents on our next trip which sounds hard but they will have a ball!!
Keep intouch
Adi / Dinah:funmeteryes:

gary27 11 Feb 2010 14:33

Cheers mate the links not finished but will get on with it soon. If you do go through devon 4x4 then talk to Jake really helpful guy i brought my OME shocks and a few other bit from them very good service and advice. If i can help with anything on the truck just give me a shout.
where abouts are you in france i used to live and work in burgandy and lauras dad lives in the elsas on the swiss boarder were off there tommorow.

hoof 11 Feb 2010 14:50

We are right up the Mayenne 45 mins from the 24 hr race track, (Le Mans)
We are down your way later in the year as we are driving my 1975 Scimitar through France, Italy, and back up into Germany on one of those silly rally come excuses to get away things, then in Feb 2011 driving a 1994 Skoda to Dakar!!!! Don't ask why cus we don't really know just sounded fun,
Anyway back to the Shogun, i have to agree Devon 4x4 were really helpful so will put some there way, looking into the shocks as we speak, What did you go for then? As you would of already done the ground work,

gary27 11 Feb 2010 17:25

first off if you are comming passed or near to me, these rallys tend too, Pm me and well meet up at my place or some where on route. I'm at a place called vico d elsa about 7 km from san gimignano.
Back to the shogun Shocks i went for Old Man Emu Nitro shocks not the chepest but i really felt the differances both on road and off,I went for these because you can get the shocks springs and torsion bars all from OME and thay are engineered together so give a good balance system.
As for other parts try www.milneroffroad.com good service P&p can be a bit price but thay get it to you rapid 4 days for a new caliper last week.
also look at The Mitsubishi Pajero Owners Club® :: Index for good advice on the shogun.
well hope some of this helps.

hoof 12 Feb 2010 10:26

Thanks for that Gary I'll get on to them today, Have a safe trip up the road,
Just for a bit of fun if you go onto youtube and type in spookyhoof you will see two clips come up.. It me playing in the snow with my Discovery,,, and my dog!!!!

They make take a while to down load but worth it!

Bundubasher 12 Feb 2010 12:31

Tough vehicle - popular in Africa as its easy to repair.

cedar 20 Feb 2010 17:30

Hi Adi

I went through west africa in a Pajero, fast, comfortable and adequate off road. Fitting 16" wheels and Michelin ZXY's will help the ground clearance.

Go for it!


hoof 24 Feb 2010 02:28

Call it the Devil you know!!!!!

Ebay is now banned in my house!! Nice shinny i owner full history 1990 Landcruiser hj60 has just arrived back home, Bought on ebay last weekend, What a truck, 1 owner never missed a service every mot and i mean every mot, night heater and not any rust anywhere,

So shogun has gone, Loved it drove fantastic BUT the hj has won, they are in my blood and as i have loads of new bits left from earlier trips then seemed to be the right move,

NOW LOOKING FOR NEW WIFE AS THE CHOICE WAS LANDCRUISER OR HER ???? As i have polished the hj twice since getting back you can emagine the choice was difficult:D

Thanks for all the advice though and would still like to pass by Gary, if thats ok?

gary27 24 Feb 2010 16:49

no probs mate just let me know when your down this way and we'll meet up

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