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jesus 25 Aug 2010 11:56

Roof tent for long wheel base Jeep Wrangler
Hi guys,
Does any one know of a roof tent that can be fitted to this vehicle? Unfortunately the roof and gutters are not nearly strong enough to take the weight of a conventional design. Therefore i am guessing that some sort of external roll cage mounted version would be the only option. Does such a thing exist and what would it cost?
Thanks for any info!!

Peter Girling 25 Aug 2010 19:03

Roof tent to rollcage

You should be able to mount any roof tent to the rollcage, it's just a matter of engineering the interface (making brackets that fix the base of the roof tent to the tubes of the roll cage).

As for price, you can pay as little as a few hundred quid for a Chinese made tent up to a couple of grand for a carbon fibre clam shell.

Happy trails,


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