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Warthog 16 Oct 2012 18:24

Nissan Pickups with TD23 lump. What can you tell me?
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Long time since I've been here and the first thing I do is post in the 4 wheeler section!! How things change! :eek3:

Anyway, this is not actually about an overlanding choice... yet...

I actually want a sturdy, rough and ready run-around for Estonia in anticipation of a lot of forest driving and lugging stuff around.

I also don't want to spend a lot and this is harder given local prices.

One candidate has sprung up: a Nissan pick-up. I believe the model comes under different names: Pickup, Hardbody, etc.

It is 2 door, 5 seat with a big open base at the back. It is 55kW (75bhp) diesel, RW-drive, probably making this the TD23 powered model. I believe it to be a 1990 model.

I just want something I can chuck tool, materials, camping gear and dogs in the back of and not worry too much about.
I want something that will keep on ticking.
It has to cope with cold (-20C to -30C max, typically about -10C)
Diesel is relatively economical but, this being a 2.3L, I don't expect it to do better than out 1.3 petrol car.
I am not very knowlwedgable about car mechanics but I can probably do the basics.

Is this a safe-ish bet in terms of reliability?
Are there any known weaknesses to look for, even if relatively reliable?
Worth a punt?

Any experiences, tips and pointers very welcome!!

Walkabout 16 Oct 2012 19:15

Don't know about that age of Nissan, but there is a thread here about the Navara - a much later vehicle, but just in case you look for a newer Nissan:-

bnicho 18 Oct 2012 04:14

That model is also known as the Navara.

If it's the engine I think it is, it was also used in the Terrano and Terrano II 4x4 wagons. As well as lots of London Cabs!

Assuming the above, it's capable of very high mileages with only normal servicing. It's likely bodywork is going to be more of an issue than the mechanicals.


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