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Dave The Hat 28 Aug 2010 22:32

Manual Slack Adjusters For Mercedes Truck

Anybody help me find some manual slack adjusters for a 1990 Mercedes NG 1617, Om 366 engine.

Really prefer sticking to the manual adjustable slacks rather than the automatics.

I can find the rears quite easily, but the manual slacks adjusters for the front axle are proving very elusive.

Haldex are a recognised brand, and Febi international have also been able to get them in the past.....but currently no joy, everybody seems to have automatic these days.

Any ideas?

RogerM 29 Aug 2010 22:04

If the parts are availabale from Mercedes then any MB parts dealer will supply - they have a spare parts support commitment - I've a vague memory that manual slack adjusters were phased out by most manufacturers around the early 1990s - maybe a regulatory issue in some large markets?? And of course the introduction of disks on lighter trucks meant that the issue disappeared.

Dave The Hat 30 Aug 2010 01:03

Hi Roger,

I think youre right, regulations now mean having automatics remove the temptation for people who dont know what theyre doing from fiddling.

Im curious as to why the rears are still easily available but fronts are not? Im thinking its because Mercedes consider 80% of braking effort is on front axle, so its that much more important that the adjustment is correct.

Mercedes no longer have the manual adjusters (or so they tell me!).....will keep trying, many thanks.

RogerM 30 Aug 2010 20:47

There are MB parts CDs/DVDs available on fleabay, they have exploded parts diagrams and list the alternate parts and/or vehicles that the part was also fitted too.

If your vehicle was not sold (by MB) in your country you can end up with a "no longer available" response and have to make sure that the parts people know how to search for worldwide parts and/or their parts database is setup to cope with searching through regional DCs worldwide. I've had parts come from Singapore which were not held in Australia for my Merc.

usually supplying the VIN will get you the right part.

Dave The Hat 31 Aug 2010 00:19

Truck was definitely sold by MB here in UK. Responses seem to be that there is no demand for manual adjusters anymore, everybody has automatics. Indeed the truck had automatics when I got it. Changing to manuals presents no issues, and I know alot of the overland companies run with manuals....the problem now is actually finding anybody who still has them Can get them from China but not too keen.

Am going to pester FEBI international some more, they certainly could source them until recently.

ringgap 12 Mar 2012 03:07

manual slack adjusters
You should find them at TTC UK they have air brake catalog you can download

TTC Contacts - Truck & Trailer Components - Truck, Trailer, Commercial Vehicle Parts, Commercial Vehicle Spares

When auto slacks are new they are fine but, put them in offroad situations, dirt dust old age they do not work as intended. I operate heavy haul offroad oilfield so I speak from experience

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