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Josh R 8 Feb 2009 22:26

Help - Unimog 3 Point Body Mounting?
I'm asking for a favour, is there anyone out there with a Unimog fitted with a 3 or four point chassis mounting as I'd like some pictures....please.

I am in the process of buying a MAN LE 160 C 4x4 and have sourced a supplier of Composite Laminated board to make the camper body. What I need to do now is design and build the chassis mounting and sub-frame. Its key to make this 'torsion free' to avoid stressing the camper body. To this end I want to copy the Unimog three point design and therefore need some pictures.

Can anyone e-mail them to me at joshuajrice@aol.com

Cheers, Josh

Niva Say Never 9 Feb 2009 19:03

I think this might be what you're after

OverAfrica - Torsion-free mounting


Honybadger 9 Feb 2009 20:00

In the depths of this guy's site he goes into the same thing.
If only for the time....

mattsavage 12 Feb 2009 08:13

That link that Sam put up is what you need. The first picture.
I have an old Unimog 404 and I've just fitted a dropside (pick-up) rear body to it. It already had the 3 point mounting.
The centre cross member is fixed to the chassis, then the front and rear cross members can rock left to right, like a see saw (a stiff see saw!). This does of course make the floor quite a bit higher than the vehicles chassis.

Luke 16 Feb 2009 08:39

Generally an excellent build diary, even if I don't understand german. Scroll down, and down and eventually you'll see one of the possible solutions, durectly compatible with all the military shelters which have container locks on the corners:

Allrad-LKW-Forum -> 170D11

Another very comprehensive build diary here shows what Ormocar do (seroiusly overbuilt, but you can be sure it won't break):

Big Foot 01

I've also seen three ball hitches on the chassis of a mog, which simply took any payload with three hitch sockets in the right place. Simple, but effective.
Have fun

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